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After fostering different breeds of dogs, throughout the years, we fell in love with the Cane Corso breed when Rosko entered our lives in the fall of 2016. Watching the gentle way he interacted with people and the impact he seemed to have on those he came in contact with, we decided that we wanted to seek out a quality female Corso, enter stage right Ginger, to become his partner and start our own breeding program. We hope to bring more awareness of this breed and share them with other like-minded individuals. Our primary goal within this program is to breed a healthy, well-tempered, well structured, and old-world standard Corso in the Tri-State Area. Our secondary goal is to match our beautiful babies with the best, caring, and loving owners, where they can become part of their life-long family. History of the Cane Corso: The Cane Corso is an Italian breed within the Mastiff family, closely related to the Neapolitan Mastiff. It descends from the Molossoid dogs of Ancient Rome. They are used for personal protection, law enforcement, guard dog, farm dog & tracking.

Important Facts

Most of our pups are reserved before they are born because people get to choose their pups in the order we receive the puppy deposits. We DO NOT take deposits or sell pups based on color. Instead, we try to match the personality and temperament of the puppy with each family’s preferences. We do however produce every color the breed comes in and people get to select their pups in the order we get the reservations. Contact us The King Cane Corso for info and availability 4693299355. All our pups come with the following: *Family socialization * 2-year health contract *Microchips (optional) *AKC registration *Medical book with all worming and vaccination information (up to date) for your veterinarian on that first new client visit. *Tails and rear dew claws are docked at 2-4 days of age *Balance for all pups is due at 7 weeks of age when the puppies are chosen. ( This includes ear crop surgery costs if applicable) *We have multiple transport options to get your pup to its new homes all over North America